Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a beneficiary under PACEI programs?

How do I donate to PACEI?

Simply reach out to us via our contacts provided on the website.

Do you link farmers to markets?

PACEI supports in accessing market for their goods and products.

How do you help a child that has been abused in the community?

Please keep us informed, PACEI makes follow ups to ensure the victim gets out of danger & receives justice.

Do you work with other organizations such as CBOs?

We normally seek collaborations to work with CBOs, Private Sector and Other NGOs.

Does PACEI provide tree seedlings for community member?

PACEI usually support community members with some seedlings or planting materials and appropriate times.

How does my organization become a member of PACEI?

Simply find out if your organization meets the criteria of becoming a member of PACEI. Should it be so, then fill application form that you will submit for Board’s decision.

Can my organization seek a consortium with PACEI?

It’s possible to undertake consortium with genuine and legal organizations especially within our thematic areas.

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