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Propel Accurate Community Empowerment Initiatives (PACEI) is Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) that was founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Arua City in the West Nile Sub-Region of Uganda.

West Nile sub-region of Uganda is characterized with high rate of unemployment amongst the youth, poverty, disease, high illiteracy rates and poor health services that has retarded the social economic development of the sub-region. It is against this background that PACEI was founded to provide innovative strategies and programs to solve these challenges that negatively affect mainly youth, women, elderly and the disabled.

PACEI is a non-governmental organization dedicated to managing interventions in the areas of agriculture, energy, environment and natural resources, human rights, education /skills development and community health. With a holistic approach, the organization recognizes the interconnectedness of these sectors and aims to create sustainable solutions that address the complex challenges faced by communities.


An empowered community diversity without poverty that thrives in hope, health social justice, peace and conserved nature.

Mission Statement

Raise hope and save lives by developing and implementing long-term sustainable programs that empower communities socially, economically and conserve nature.


Enriching Lives

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By addressing these interconnected sectors, the organization strives to create sustainable development opportunities, enhance livelihoods, protect the environment, promote education, and improve community health outcomes.

Through its innovative strategies, community engagement, and partnerships, PACEI aims to build a future where communities thrive, natural resources are preserved, and individuals have the knowledge and resources to lead fulfilling lives in harmony with their surroundings.

PACEI works with a number of partners in the execution of its mission including but not limited to political and technical district and municipal authorities, Members of Parliament (MP), Traditional leaders, Central Government Representatives, like minded Non-Governmental Organizations, other government institutions, the private sector and development partners among others.

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  • PACEI has a 7- member Board of Directors headed by the chairperson responsible for policy direction.
  • Our Board is made of; Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, Director Programmes & One Other member.


  • Management: Is composed of employees headed by the Executive Director responsible for day to day affairs of the organization.
  • Our Management is made of; Executive Director, Programs Manager, Programs Officers, Finance & Admin Officer, Accountant, M&E Officer, Human Resource Officer, Project Officers, Logistics & Procurement Officer, Admin Assistants, Support Staff & Branch Coordinator etc.
  • Executive Committee of Management: Consists of five (5) senior members of staff chaired by the Executive Director responsible for initiating minor delegate indiscipline cases, initiating planning programs & develop resource mobilization strategies.


    Our Core Values


    We default to Honesty and clarity. Truth and transparency of our team members is very key to our Organization.


    We are Professional with organizational activities and handle every work with ethics.

    Team Work

    We choose Integrity and Team work, and we believe in unity is the best way to have everything succeed in the society.


    Accountability for any kind of activity is key and we do this to remain smart in our services to the community.

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    Nursery Bed Preparation


    Agriculture: Food, Nutrition and Income Security

    Under this program, we undertake various initiatives to address the challenges faced by communities in the areas of our operation. The following are some key actions we are undertaking:

    Agricultural Training and Support
    PACEI provides training and capacity-building programs to farmers, equipping them with modern agricultural techniques, sustainable farming practices, and efficient irrigation methods. The organization also supports farmers with access to improved seeds, fertilizers, and equipment to enhance productivity and promote diversified crop cultivation. By empowering farmers with knowledge and resources, PACEI contributes to increased food production, improved nutrition, and enhanced income generation.
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