Support Development

The organization also supports farmers with access to improved seeds, fertilizers, and equipment to enhance productivity and promote diversified crop cultivation.

Community Transformation

We visualize a model of service provision for holistic community transformation while it works to advance and promote healthy community development.

Support Our Charity

Let’s create together an effective community empowerment initiatives on incomes
and general well-being for the vulnerable members of our communities.

Inspired By Giving

We support a life by what we get. You can give without loving but you can’t love without giving.

Grow Plants

Growing together with others is our cherish.

Spread Charities

Giving benefits society’s neediest and most vulnerable.


Who We Are

Propel Accurate Community Empowerment Initiatives (PACEI) is a local Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Arua City in the West Nile Sub-Region of Uganda as a community service provider for health, agriculture, education, governance, environmental welfare and human rights. Its establishment was propelled by mounting local pressure for assistance in development and continues to this day to make a progressive contribution towards the social and economic transformation of the region. Registered and permitted to operate by the National NGO Bureau. Also registered with government entities such as FIA, PDPO (NITA-U).


Our ongoing projects

Renewable Energy Training

Our core objectives

    Strategic Objective/Goal

  • To sustainably enhance community development through simple, innovative and practical approaches.
  • Core Objectives

  • 1: To build capacity of communities for socio-economic transformation, sustainable food production systems and livelihood.
  • 2: To execute disease prevention and safe water consumption, sanitation and health programs in the community.
  • 3: To promote governance, human Rights and leadership education and ensure that all have equal rights to the economic resources and the basic services in the community.
  • 4: To promote sustainable environmental conservation and protection through integrated approaches and technologies.
  • 5: To undertake humanitarian services and establish a platform for child sensitive social protection to help them meet their basic needs, expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.
  • 6: To undertake programs that promote formal and non-formal education.

Our Partners

Meet Our Partners

  • 1: TWAM
  • 2: Chapter 4 Change
  • 3: Arua District Local Government
  • 4: Terego Dstrict Local Government
  • 5: Madi Okollo District Local Government
  • 6: National Youth Advocacy Platform (NYAP)
  • 7: DCA, NFA & UNHCR (Environmental Conservation)
  • 8: Civil Society Strengthening Network (CSSN & NAC)
  • 9: West Nile Regional Civil Society Network (WECISNET)
  • 10: Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda
  • 11: Centre for Heath, Governance, Human Rights & Development (CEHURD)


Everyone Is Blessed When Given Cheerfully

How do I find a legal charity site?

Which type of charities do you campaign for?

Charities that support human, animal and environmental welfare.

How did the charity i liked raised funds?

Through networking and show casing.

3.9 k

Satisfied People

Members Training




Active Campaigns


Total Charity Raised


Awards Won 2023

Our Achievements

Some of Our Previous Achievements.

  • 1: Planted and we are managing 3,402 wood lot & fruit tree seedlings in Madi Okollo with support from DCA/NFA/UNHCR, 2022.
  • 2: Facilitated 6 career talks, talent development to learners, rewarding academic performances in 10 schools in Rhino Camp & Rigbo to over 500 learners, 2022.
  • 3: Conducted 5 routine HIV & malaria reminder awareness, 2022 & 4 WASH campaigns 2022.
  • 4: Conducted community dialogues on education and post electoral processes in 2021.
  • 5: Conducted Survey on health and education systems budget performance in 2021.
  • 6: Supported 100 beneficiaries under WECKUP Project in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement.
  • 7: Provided vocational skills training to 60 youth in partnership with Arua District Youth Cooperative Society, 2018.

Some of Our Previous Projects Implemented.

  • 1: REHIT 2018-2020
  • 2: WECKUP- 2021-2022
  • 3: ERASE 2022
  • 4: ELIS1 2022
  • 5: ELIS 2 2023
  • Supported by TWAM

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